Playak SUPzero Privacy Statement

We respect your privacy. Any and all information collected about you will be kept strictly confidential and will not be sold, rented, disclosed, or loaned!


Verein Playak is responsible for all editorial content on this site (including all graphics). No part of this site may be duplicated in any way without explicit permission from Verein Playak. Verein Playak takes great care to only publish original content, but since part of the content is user generated, we cannot always guarantee this 100%. If you notice any copyright violations, please let the editors know through the contact form and they will take appropriate action immediately.

Acceptable Use Policy

Independence is a key value for Playak, so we always try to keep moderation to a minimum, but there are a couple of simple rules that we ask all users to respect:

  1. Stay Decent. No vulgar language please, not even st*rred out.
  2. Show Respect. No personal insults please. You can say that someone did something wrong in your opinion, if you explain why, but not that the person is an idiot.
  3. Be Constructive. If your first action on Playak is to promote your own website with a link, that's not considered constructive.
  4. Stay Constructive. Most people initially drop by looking for information. If you find the info you're looking for, remember to give back to the community by helping other newbies.
  5. No trolling please.
  6. It's ok if your opinions are biased, but if you are associated with a brand, please clearly state so in your posts (or even better, in your profile).

If we see any of those simple rules violated, we may delete such content or even users without further notification. If you think there are types of violations that we may have overlooked, please contact us.

Having said all this, we've hardly ever had to take any such measures since we started in 1996. It looks like our community, being so global, attracts mostly friendly and polite people, unlike some of the regional forums, where things can get very rude.

We hope you'll enjoy using Playak as much as we do creating it :)
Jeroen, Verein Playak

Last update: January 1 2015.


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